Guide for Students - Important Information about Renting

Renting a Room or Property

Important things to consider before renting a room or property:

  • Always view the room or property before signing a lease or exchanging any money.
  • Before you sign a lease agreement, always read the entire document and make sure you understand everything on the form.
  • When paying a bond and/or rent, ensure you get a receipt.
  • Prior to moving in or within the first week of moving in, complete a thorough condition report.
  • If you are unsure of anything or if you have any questions, make sure you discuss this with the landlord or the Accommodation Officer before signing any documents.

For more detailed information on the points listed above, please see information below.

Always view the room/property before signing a lease or exchanging any money

If you are travelling from another town, state or even country, make sure you have a place to stay temporarily while you view properties that you may be interested in. Do not agree to move into a property or room before you have seen it, and do not exchange any money to hold a property or room that you have not seen.

  • Arrange a time to meet at the property.
  • Double check the address and description of the property.
  • Be on time or ring the Landlord or Agent if you will be late.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask
  • Check what furnishings are included and their condition
  • You may be asked to complete a Rental Application form so take with you Photo ID, copies of your SCU Letter of Offer and any previous rental references

When attending to sign a lease or agreement:

1. Things to bring with you:

  • 2 weeks rent in advance
  • 4 weeks rent for Bond, unless agreed otherwise – this is a security deposit for the property
    Very important: If you exchange any money, ensure that you get a receipt as proof.
  • Photo ID

2. Read the lease and double check:

  • that furniture and furnishings agreed upon are included
  • Start and end dates are correct (if required)
  • any Special Terms which may be added

TIP 1: Always take your time reading and signing any legal documents.

3. You should be given

  • Copy of the lease (signed by yourself and the landlord)
  • Receipt for your rent in advance
  • Receipt for your Bond
  • Keys to the room and/or property
  • Copy of the condition report (signed by you both) or this can be returned to the Landlord in 7 days. This is an important document and will detail the condition of the room/property when you first move in.

TIP 2: The best way to ensure that you get all your Bond back is to note on the Entry Condition Report if anything is damaged or dirty. Take photos and submit these with your report.

4. Within 14 days of signing the lease, you should receive:

  • a formal receipt for your Bond from the RTA or NSW Rental Bond Board (if bond is paid)

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