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Arts & Humanities, Gold Coast
26 year old female

Hey:) I hope this message finds you well. My name is Desiree, nickname Daisy. I am 26 years old and will be embarking on an overseas semester at SCU starting from the 19th of October 2023 until the 20th of March 2024. So, I am in search of a vacant room within a shared living arrangement for the duration of my stay in Australia. Alternatively, I am open to connecting with amiable individuals who are interested in forming a cooperative living space by establishing a shared residence.:) I am particularly keen on interacting with fellow international students who are also commencing their studies at SCU during this period. A brief introduction about myself: I hail from Germany, more precisely from Cologne. For those acquainted with Germany, Cologne is renowned for its vibrant Carnival celebrations. In my home country, I am pursuing a degree in education, and my academic pursuits have also led me to explore opportunities abroad. The rationale behind choosing Australia is deeply rooted in my long-standing aspiration to experience the land Down Under. Given my pursuit of a teaching career, I perceive this journey as an ideal chance to blend education with exploration. In moments away from my studies and preparations for my semester abroad, I derive immense pleasure from practicing yoga alongside my twin sister. Additionally, I have an affinity for running, reading, and painting—activities that provide me with solace from the rigors of university life. I am always enthusiastic about forming new running partnerships!:) This encapsulates a glimpse into my personality. Sending warm regards from Cologne. I looking forward getting to know new flatmates. Desiree (Daisy)