Guide for Students - During a Tenancy

Ok, so you have signed a lease, exchanged money for rent and bond (you have a receipt for both), and you have moved in. What's next?

Your Responsibilities

  • Pay rent on time - ensure that your rent is always paid 1-2 weeks in advance (depending on the agreement with your landlord). If you pay by cash, always get rental receipts.
  • Maintain the rooms and house rules - respect your housemates and landlord
  • Report any damage and maintenance issues immediately - if the damages/repairs are not your fault, then the landlord is liable for the cost of the repair. If you are at fault for any damages, you are responsible for the cost of the repairs.
  • If you want to make any permanent changes to the property, ask permission the landlord's permission first - make sure you receive permission in writing for any changes to be made.
  • If you want to have a friend or partner move in, ask permission from the landlord first - you will get into a lot of trouble if you move someone else in without the landlord's permission.
  • Inform the Landlord in writing when you will be moving out - you need to give at least 2 weeks notice if you are moving out at the end of your lease period. Ideally, give as much notice as possible within reason (see Moving Out.

Landlord’s Responsibilities

  • Maintain the property and furniture to how it was at the start of the Lease
  • Give written notice of inspections, end of lease, rent increases, etc.
  • Make necessary repairs.

Ending a Lease

  • Inform Landlord with 2 weeks’ notice in writing– see form ‘Notice of Intention to Leave’ (LINK)
  • Clean up – to the same condition that the rooms were in at the start of the Lease
  • CHECK Special Conditions in case you are required to steam clean carpet for example
  • Complete Exit Condition Report (LINK)
  • Give this report and the Keys to the Landlord
  • Arrange to attend Exit Inspection
  • Fill in Bond Refund form (LINK)

TIP 1: For a quicker refund, give bank details on the Bond Refund Form for direct deposit.

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Rental Authorities:

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