Terms and conditions for providers


These Accommodation Listings are for members of the public to list available properties, and for SCU students to view available properties.

Use of this webpage outside of these terms is not permitted.

SCU hosts these listings for the convenience of its students seeking accommodation only.

The accommodation listed on this site, and the links to other websites, are not endorsed by, or offered by, the University.

The University makes no representations or warranties as to the suitability of any accommodation or accommodation provider listed on the site nor will it accept any liability in relation to or arising out of the acceptance of any accommodation offer, any arrangement or contract in respect of off‑campus accommodation or the provision of off-campus accommodation to students by third parties.

Likewise, SCU makes no representation to the providers in relation to any enquiries, arrangements, or otherwise purportedly made by an SCU student.

Proprietors should make their own enquiries as to the authenticity of an applicant’s claim to be an SCU student, and should ensure the security of their information (including financial information) at all times.

Students must rely on their own enquiries in relation to any accommodation.

Email Scam Alert:

Both students and providers of accommodation should be extremely cautious about receiving suspicious text messages or emails from an ‘overseas’ student who wants to pay for accommodation in advance, or whom requests the set up of a PayPal account to send them money. These are not genuine requests. If you have received such a request, we strongly recommend you:

  1. Make your own enquiries as to the genuineness of the application (such as requesting a copy of the formal SCU Offer Letter from the student seeking accommodation); and

  2. ensure your financial information is secure and do not provide personal information to the applicant; and

  3. in the event the application does not appear genuine, report it to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), you can do this online at Report a Scam or by calling 1300 795 995.


The following policies apply to the content and use of the off-campus accommodation listings.

  1. It is free to place a listing on the off-campus accommodation site.

  2. Listed accommodation has not been inspected by SCU staff.

  3. No negotiations shall be entered into by any Accommodation Services staff member, on behalf of the University or its students, with any member of the public seeking to offer accommodation.

  4. No negotiations shall be entered into by any Accommodation Services staff member, on behalf of the University or member of the public, with any student seeking suitable accommodation.

  5. SCU’s Accommodation Service reserves the right to refuse entry of a listing into the database in the event of a prior complaint regarding the suitability of specific accommodation and/or practices undertaken by the listee.

  6. Accommodation listings shall be removed from the database after one (1) month, an automatic email will be sent approximately 4 days prior to the listing expiry giving the option to extend the listing for another month. If the email is not acted upon, the listing will close on the expiry date.

  7. SCU Accommodation Services STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that all students seeking accommodation as well as members of the public seeking to offer accommodation familiarise themselves with their legal rights and responsibilities. This information can be obtained from:
    1. If in QLD: Residential Tenancies Authority and/or Tenants Union of QLD
    2. If in NSW: Department of Fair Trading and/or TenantsNSW