Moving out/in?

Check out eMove

eMove offers a range of "moving" services to make moving easier with a convenient one-stop-shop format. And - it's free. eMove will help you cover the most frustrating parts of your move: finding removalist quotes; utility connections; address changes; cleaners; storage; packing and many more. eMove has over 500 organisations and brands on board - to help you with all the tough moving tasks.

Please feel free to go through the eMove services online OR call eMove on 1300 306 522.

Here is a summary of some of the main services offered by eMove:

Finding Removalist Quotes to Compare
You can find moving quotes to compare - from removalists in your area. This is for both local and interstate removals. The removalists you choose will contact you and arrange quotes. You simply compare the quotes and make your choice.
We can also help you if you only have a small move or need goods transported. Or, if you just want some information on how removalists charge.

Connecting Gas, Electricity and Phone
You want to make sure your gas, electricity and phone are on in your new home. We can help you organise disconnection and reconnection of utilities more easily - plus get you some great discounts and deals.

Address Change Notification
A good way to arrange mail redirection. Our change of address notification service helps you notify your day-to-day service providers of your change of address - easily and reliably.

Other Helpful Services
We can help you find house cleaners, packing services, storage, truck rentals and many more services.
eMove is easy to use. Our service is free because we charge fees to underlying service providers such as removalists, utilities and many other organisations.

Not Moving Just Yet?
We can still help you. If you are not moving for 2 months or more, we recommend that you become an eMove "future mover" - it's a simple form - and we can help you get properly prepared for your future move.

Remember: any questions - give eMove a call: 1300 306 522. They guarantee to make moving easier.